10 Celebrity Deaths Related To The Illuminati

Celebrity deaths can often feel like we have lost a close family member but could some of these deaths be tied to the Illuminati? Here are a few celebrity deaths of celebrities that were alleged Illuminati members.

1. Aaliyah

The 22 year old R&B singer had her life cut short when her plane crashed shortly after leaving the Bahamas. The Illuminati is suspected in her death so that the up-and-coming Beyonce, a supposed Illuminati member, could rise to stardom.


image source: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/aaliyah/images/16858831/title


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  • “The Illuminati is suspected…” By whom? Can you even provide any evidence whatsoever that this shadowy, evanescent, all-powerful, SPECTRE-shaming organisation even exists?

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