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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have A Twin


We know the faces of some famous twins such as the Olsens, the Winklevoss’, and the Scotts (Property Brothers), but there are also many celebrities that have relatively unknown twins.

Unlike famous examples where both twins enjoy stardom and notoriety, there are many celebrities that have a twin that remains a mystery to most in the world.

In order to help these unknown twins earn their moment in the spotlight, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities with twins that is likely to surprise you. Read on to find out which famous celebrities have a much less famous double walking around!

#7 is going to shock you.

#10 Scarlett and Hunter Johansson


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Hunter Johansson can tell you what it’s like to be the twin of one of the hottest starlets in Hollywood — his very famous sister is Scarlett Johansson! When he’s not tagging along to red carpet events, Hunter remains relatively low-key while engaging in charity work and political campaigns. It’s great to see these twins maintaining such an incredibly close bond.

10 Movies That Started Celebrity Affairs



Working alongside a co-star on a movie is an intimate experience. You spend your days and nights rehearsing scenes together and you must connect with each other in front of a large number of workers while on camera.

Every now and then an actor and actress will realize their on-screen romance has gone beyond the screen. In those rare cases we end up with honest to goodness relationship.

Many of those relationships fizzle but some become the things of Hollywood legend.

Here are 10 celebrities who found real romance while acting together. Some have survived the test of time and some fizzled out pretty quickly.

How Rich Are These Celebrities?


It’s natural to assume that all celebrities are filthy, stinking rich, but that isn’t necessarily true. As with any other occupation, some actors, actresses, TV personalities, comedians, athletes, and musicians are far more successful than their peers. Here is a list of some of the most popular celebrities at the moment and how much money they make.


He might get her harassed for his hair but this billionaire, real estate developer and presidential hopeful is worth a cool $4.5 billion. That’s after a string of failed marriages, five children, and bankruptcies, too!

7 Shocking Celebrity Transformations


Whether it’s a matter of acquired confidence, surgery, exercise, or just simply good genetics, some of today’s hottest celebrities did not start out in life looking as they do now. Read on to learn about at 7 celebrities who transformed themselves from ugly ducklings into beautiful and confident stars.

1. Jennifer Lopez

While she was still just Jenny from the block, no one could have predicted that People Magazine would one day name young Jennifer Lopez as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, nor that she would become one of the world’s most desirable singers and actresses.


Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Muslim


About 1.57 billion people on this planet are Muslim. Here’s a list of celebrities you’d be surprised to find are Muslim.

1. Janet Jackson

After marrying her third husband, Wissam al Mana, Jackson converted to Islam. They both live in his home country, Qatar, and she spends her time as a loving wife.


10 Celebrity Deaths Related To The Illuminati


Celebrity deaths can often feel like we have lost a close family member but could some of these deaths be tied to the Illuminati? Here are a few celebrity deaths of celebrities that were alleged Illuminati members.

1. Aaliyah

The 22 year old R&B singer had her life cut short when her plane crashed shortly after leaving the Bahamas. The Illuminati is suspected in her death so that the up-and-coming Beyonce, a supposed Illuminati member, could rise to stardom.


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Celebrities Who Piled On The Pounds


Body image is a big deal when it comes to celebrities. If a celebrity gains a lot of weight it can be a huge shock to both their fans and the media. Sadly, many of these celebrities go into hiding and try and avoid the media when they gain lots of weight. However, when their weight gains are finally discovered the media often tens to make a circus about them. Here are 5 celebrities who have gained lots of weight within the last few years. Do you recognize them now that they have ballooned from what they once were?

Keanu Reeves


This actor is known as one of the sexiest men on the big screen. Well, that is until began to put on some serious weight. It wasn’t for a moviel role, either. Seems like we are seeing more of him bodywise but less of him moviewise.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay


Celebrities no longer face the fear of losing their careers if they were to come out as gay. So to celebrate that fact, here are the top ten celebs you didn’t know were gay!

1. Raven Symone

Symone publicly announced her orientation in 2013 while states across the country were legitamizing equal marriage. She was excited that she could now be free to marry if she so chooses. Here she is pictured with ex-girlfriend AzMarie Livingston.


Stars Who Have Aged Badly


Time is not always good to people and celebrities are no exception. Here are ten celebs that have not aged well like a fine wine.

1. John Travolta

Travolta is now 62 years old and has come a long way from the heartthrob “Danny Zuko” ofGrease that made girls swoon.


Your Childhood Crushes, Then & Now

Mara Wilson

As The Honey’s once sang, “Growing Up Is Hard To Do”. Here are ten child stars that we know and love all grown up.

1. Omri Katz

Katz is well known for his role as “Max” in everyone’s favorite Halloween Movie, Hocus Pocus. After starring in a short film called “Perfect Girl” in 2006, Katz has retired from the acting game.