10 Celebrities you didn’t know had Genius IQs

Choosing a career in entertainment doesn’t mean you have to be a blonde bimbo or an action superstar with rock hard abs.

Many actors, actresses, musicians, and TV personalities chose a more traditional route before they decided entertainment was the right career for them.

Did you know Conan O’Brien went to an ivy league school and graduated with honors? Or perhaps that Mayim Bialik shares more smarts with The Big Bang Theory characters she plays than you might have ever guessed.

Wikipedia classifies a genius or “near genius” IQ wit a score that totals at least 140 IQ points. Every person on our list has an IQ of at least 154.

From Ashton Kutcher’s genius level IQ to Quentin Tarantino’s smarts, here are 10 celebrities with genius IQs.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow played the airheaded Phoebe Buffay on the mega-hit TV series Friends but in real life she is definitely no airhead.

Kudrow is a graduate of Vassar College, a very difficult university by any standard.

She also doesn’t just act, she is also a writer and producer whose various shows have earned her Emmy and Screen Actors Guild awards.

IQ: 154.


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